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Criminal Law

If You Are Facing Florida Criminal Charges, You Want Ed Suarez In Your Corner

If you have been arrested, you know the bewildering experience of jail, appearing in front of a judge, filling out paperwork that is sometimes confusing and not adequately explained, and the anxiety of wondering how to get help. Even receiving a summons and complaint of charges in the mail brings the same uncertainty.

Criminal defense lawyer Ed Suarez knows the law. As a former prosecutor, he knows how the other side thinks and as a result can formulate the strategy to get you the best possible outcome. His depth of trial experience means that he can thoroughly evaluate and investigate your case, using the tools at his disposal to vindicate your rights and put your mind at ease.

In major criminal cases, Ed Suarez is the trusted recipient of numerous attorney referrals from other law firms in the Tampa - St Petersburg area; and he is the trial lawyer corporate officers turn to when they or a family member require individual representation.

Most of the criminal defense cases at The Law Offices of Ed Suarez are major. However, Ed Suarez regularly represents clients in DUI , domestic assault or other non-felony matters. Each criminal case represents a threat to career, reputation and liberty. Ed Suarez approaches each case with that in mind. He is dedicated to the best possible result for his clients.

For a complete overview of criminal law, please visit our Criminal Law Practice Center.

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